Getting To Know Yourself And Your Brand – Wanda James

November 12, 2015

I first met Wanda when she approached me about building a website that would help musicians connect with each other directly.

When she started telling me about this project I realized that I was already working on something very similar.

While we didn’t end up working together then, we’ve stayed in touch and Wanda has been working on some really cool concepts since.

She started stageHuddle as a means to bring artists together. She created Music Tech ATL and had two Music Hack-a-thons bringing tech industry and music industry people together to create new applications. She also partnered with SouthWIRED(now SuperNova South) as the Live Music Jubilee and brought in music industry folks to share with others what’s working in the music industry and tech world.

Interview highlights:

  • How to reach your audience doing Customer Discovery
  • Why it’s important to talk to people directly
  • How partnering with others outside of your brand is effective
  • How giving of yourself allows you to live more fully
  • Why getting to know yourself is important to your success in life
  • Who is your rock and why you need one.

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