What She Learned from Running a Record Label for 10 years – Kim Ware

November 12, 2015

This weeks guest is Atlanta musician and record label owner Kim Ware.

Kim founded and ran Eskimo Kiss Records for 10 years, then decided to take a break from music. Her time off allowed her to refocus her efforts both musically, and with a new idea for her next record label.

She has a new band called The Good Graces who have already been on tour with legends the Indigo Girls.

Interview Highlights

  • What she learned from running a label for 10 years
  • How she got her band to tour with the Indigo Girls
  • Even if a release isn’t new, why there can still be interest
  • What she found after leaving music for a year
  • Starting a non-profit record label

Watch the video here: http://alwaystriumph.com/what-she-learned-from-running-a-record-label-for-10-years-kim-ware/


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